Hair care: Rose Water Is The Best Thing For Your Hair


Most of us are familiar with the benefits of rose water on the skin. It acts as an excellent toner and gets rid of impurities that are deeply closed in the pores. It makes the skin smooth and silky. Rose water also comes out of the skin tone in the evening, relieves black spots and improves the skin over time.

But very few people know that adding rose water to the hair can also greatly benefit the hair and they can become dense, shiny and healthy.

Beneficial for Oily Hair

Rose water is especially beneficial for oily hair. The pH level of rose water nourishes the scalp and controls the production of sebum, ultimately making the hair less greasy.

Repairs hair

The frequent use of heat on the hair makes it lose its shine and strength. When massaged on the scalp, rose water helps to increase blood circulation which in turn rejuvenates the hair follicles and brings back the lost shine.

Reduced dryness

Rose water reduce dryness of your hair. It is known to calm the scalp and reverse the effects of heat and pollution on it and even rearrange it with continued use.

Reduces dandruff

Fenugreek seeds aka Methi seeds and rose water soak for 5 hours and grind it into a paste. Apply it on your hair for an hour and wash it. Its benefits will be seen as silky and shiny hair.

Hair growth

Rose water contains vitamins A, B3, C and E which are all known to promote hair growth. After shampoo massage the rose water on the scalp and then scrub it clean, leaving you with smooth, shiny locks.

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