Follow these proven and study supported methods and lose weight


Do you know that obesity is associated with many diseases and health disorders such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke, osteoarthritis and fatty liver disease in others? Due to sedentary and lack of time for a healthy lifestyle, many people are becoming overweight. Are you a weight watcher and want to optimize your weight loss regime, then read on as today we have listed some proven weight loss hacks.

1. A bowl of soup before your meals

A study has shown that eating a bowl of soup before a meal can help curb your hunger and overeating. In addition, it gives your brain, hormones, and your stomach enough time to coordinate the message of perfection. Eating more leads to excess calories and when not burned, the excess calories are stored as fat.

2. Snack it right

It is not a good idea to wait until you are extremely hungry, so be sure to have a moderate amount of food and breakfast throughout the day. If you stay hungry you will eat more and not feel satisfied. You will also end up eating very quickly, which again is not appropriate. Therefore, when hungry instead of canned foods, keep healthy foods such as seeds, nuts, fruits, whole wheat crackers, and low-fat cheese among others.

3. Are you sleeping properly?

Sleep is very important to lose weight. According to one study, people who were on a diet consumed 6% fewer calories when they had enough sleep. Also, try sleeping in a cold environment as our body burns the stored fat to keep the body warm. A study published in the Diabetes Journal showed that people who slept in a room with a temperature of about 66 ° F burned 7% more calories than those who slept in a warmer room.

4. Blue colored plates

According to research, people eat less food than blue plates. In addition, they found that people eat 33% less food in the blue room. High contrast in colors between plate / room and food.

5. Spice up your food

Spicy food can temporarily increase your metabolism by 8%. In addition, eating spicy foods encourages people to eat slowly and ultimately promotes metabolism.


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