FIRST LOOK of Suicide Squad Calls John Cena ‘Douchey Captain America’

John cena on Suicide squad

Suicide Squad Assembly was introduced by James Gunn at DC Fandome this weekend. Although fans expected the filmmaker to drop a trailer and give fans a look at the cast’s villain role in the action, the director chose to release a montage of behind-the-scenes footage to not only tease the characters but themselves. Plot of the film. In the clip, Warner Bros and Gunn confirmed that John Cena plays the pacemaker while Idris Elba plays Bloodsport.

Explaining his role in the film, the actor-wrestler compared him to Avengers Captain America. “He’s like Douchey Captain America,” Cena said, handling the gun that the Peacemaker would go to any length for peace. The video gave fans a look at Cena in superhero costumes.

See trailer below:  


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