Fatigue: Healthy habits to keep your fatigue away

Fatigue is the most common problem among all of us which makes us feel sleepy, sleepy and lethargic throughout the day. So, check out these tips to stay active and keep you tired at bay…Feeling tired or lethargy eating after a busy day is a common symptom of fatigue. The common cause of fatigue is our daily diet plan. Usually, our busy work life and busy schedule are to blame for fatigue. However, improper diet is the real reason for this. A healthy diet plan gives us energy to keep us active throughout the day. But one must remember that fatigue and ‘feeling of fatigue’ are different.

What is fatigue?
Fatigue is a feeling of fatigue that can occur suddenly or slowly. And fatigue can be corrected with complete and proper rest. But if it is prolonged, severe and progressive, immediate medical consultation is needed. There are two types of fatigue one is physical fatigue and 2nd is mental fatigue.

Physical fatigue

Physical fatigue is the inability of muscles to maintain our physical performance and can be worsened by intense physical exercise.

Mental fatigue

Mental fatigue is a deterioration of cognitive performance that is a prolonged consequence of cognitive activity.

Check out the tips below to combat fatigue:
Drink non-caffeinated beverages- It is said that caffeinated drinks provide energy so it is good for health. But this only increases the energy for a short time. As its effect is less, we may feel tired while working. Therefore, opt for tea and fresh fruit juice.


No processed food- Avoid eating processed food as it does not have high nutritional value. It cannot provide us with energy which provides a healthy diet.

Keep yourself hydrated- Water is the most important compound of blood that can carry all the necessary nutrients to the cells and excrete all the waste products from the body.

Eat chia seeds- Chia seeds are highly nutritious to provide us enough energy. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Supplements- Since it contains vitamins and minerals which are a good source for getting energy and important nutrition, you can have supplements.

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