Fasted Cardio: Here’s what you need to know about workout routines and benefits


Fasted cardio is a type of workout where you exercise on an empty stomach for at least 6 hours without eating. In this workout style, the insulin levels in our blood are low, so the body cannot use glucose. Instead, it uses stored fat as fuel from pre-workout meals. Fasted cardio is mainly good for those who are planning to lose weight. This workout routine is based on the warrior diet, which the ancient warriors followed. In ancient times warriors used to hunt or fight in a state of fasted to stay in shape and then feast on their victories. This workout routine is extremely beneficial for staying healthy. See the fasted cardio routine and benefits below.

Benefits of fasted cardio:

1- Good for losing stubborn fat.
2- Prevents muscle damage and builds lean muscle when mixed with HIIT.
3- Improves posture and tone to our body.
4- Increases our strength and endurance.
5- Makes you stronger.


How does it work?

Fasted cardio uses the basic physical concept of our body. The body first uses glucose or sugar during exercise to provide energy. If glucose levels are low, muscle glycogen or protein is converted into glucose as fuel. Finally, it uses fat for energy. Fasted cardio uses this entire process to shed fat.

Does it cause muscle loss?

Fasted cardio can cause muscle loss. When you are in a state of fasting, your body uses muscle glycogen or protein instead of fat to produce energy. So, that’s why fasted cardio causes muscle loss along with fat. Running on the treadmill can also result in muscle loss.

Method of fasting cardio

1- Exercise before having breakfast in the morning.
2- Exercise in the evening after 2–6 hours of fasting.
3- Along with exercising, you have to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to shed all the fat.


Diet plan for fast cardio

1- Consult your doctor and fitness trainer before opting for fasting cardio.
2- When you are at an advanced level of fasting cardio, consume black coffee.
3- Eat BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), which contains leucine, isoleukin, and valine. These essential amino acids will prevent muscle loss.
4- Do not cut too many calories


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