EASY Ways To Add The Goodness Of Eggs In Your Skincare And Haircare Routine

Goodness of Eggs

EASY Ways To Add The Goodness Of Eggs In Your Skincare And Haircare Routine.

Eggs are a great source of natural protein for the body, it works exceptionally well on the skin and hair. It also contains essential fatty acids that can help moisturize dry and dull skin, on the other hand, also help to keep hair moisturized. Egg whitening has skin tightening effects that reduce signs of ageing. Egg yolk also helps to nourish your hair and prevents hair breakage.

For Skin Care:

Egg whiteness is best for tightening pores, making it an ideal ingredient to deal with oily skin. All you have to do is mix half a teaspoon of lemon in an egg white. Whisk it until it becomes foamy. Apply the mixture on freshly washed face. Leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it with warm water and moisturize the skin with a water-based product. You can use this mask twice a week for better results.

For Hair Care:

 Take 2-3 eggs yolk depending on the length of your hair and mix it religiously in olive oil. If you work well then you can also add coconut oil in the hair mask. Now, tie it all together. Slowly start applying it to your ends going upwards on the scalp. Leave the mask in your hair for 1 hour and wash it with cold water. This mask will darken your hair.

TIP: Do a patch test before using eggs on your face or hair. Many people may be allergic to eggs or any other ingredients, it is best to be clear in advance about any skincare issues or allergies.

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