Drinking too much water! THESE are the signs that can tell you about it

We all know that drinking water is one of the most essential things to stay healthy because water keeps us hydrated, enhances skin quality, boosts the immune system, etc., so doctors always drink good amount of water every day Recommend But are you really maintaining a decent range? Many of us often drink a lot of water to be healthy for our bodies. However, there is nothing good in excess. You must always maintain the limit of your food consumption or fluid intake.

The same goes for water. Drinking it does not have any serious effect on us, but it can disturb some bodily functions. When we drink too much water, some changes are seen in our body. So, read below to know the signs if you are drinking too much water.

Hints to understand if you are drinking too much water.

1- The frequency of urination will increase. According to the urogynecologist, we should urinate 7 times a day. Therefore, if it is exceeding this, then we should reduce our water consumption.

2- Just as dark yellow urine is not good, colourless urine is also not a good sign. It should be very light yellow in colour. If it is leaving without any colour, then we are diluting the necessary electrolytes with additional water.

3- Drinking too much water can also cause hyponatremia, due to which you will start feeling tired all the time. So, if you are feeling very tired or tired all the time, then keep this in mind.

4- You may experience a lot of headaches, that is, because our sodium levels become imbalanced due to over-hydration which then also fills the cells with fluid. This causes swelling in the brain and hence, we get headache.

5- According to doctors, women need to drink 2.7 litres of water a day and men to drink 3.7 litres to avoid dehydration. So, maintain that limit.

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