Coronavirus Safety Tips: Here’s how you should stop touch your face again and again


Coronovirus has affected thousands of people and as a precaution, there are some things you should avoid doing, and once such a thing is touching your face. Read below to learn how to prevent your face from being touched again and again.
Coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world and being a communicable virus, it can be easily spread by coughing, sneezing and various things. So far, the virus has claimed over 3,000 lives and more than 70 countries have been affected due to the virus. Cases of this virus are also increasing rapidly in India, so we should take some precautionary measures. And one of the most necessary precautionary measures to avoid constantly touching your face.

We touch a lot of surfaces – door knobs, elevator buttons, subway poles where viruses, including new coronoviruses, can wander for days. Read below to know how you should avoid touching your face repeatedly and how you can stop doing so. These tips will help you control the urge to touch your face constantly

Here’s how you should stop touch your face again and again.

1. Always keep tissues with you

Always keep tissues with you

When you have an itching or urge to rub your nose, grab a tissue and use it instead of your fingers. If you are about to sneeze and have no tissue, aim your sneeze at your elbow instead of your hand. We constantly touch many things with our hands, so it is better not to use them directly on the face

2. Understand the triggers

Understand the triggers
Take a step back and understand the compulsive behavior you have and why you have a desire to touch your face constantly. If you feel that you are rubbing your eyes because they are dry, then use drops instead. Health experts say that while masking is not as effective at preventing the virus, it is quite helpful to act as a physical barrier against touching the nose or mouth.

3. Keep your hands busy

Keep your hands busy
Keeping your hands with a stress ball or other object may reduce instances of touching your face. If you don’t want to squeeze a stress ball, you can mail things to people or bend your laundry or do something that keeps your hands constantly active.

4. Relax

Reduce stress, as it affects your immune system, and the more stressed you are, the lower your body’s ability to fight infections. As long as your hands are clean, it is fine to touch your face, but try to avoid as much as you can from the virus spread around.

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