BTS: Jungkook hypes V’s upcoming mixtape KTH1 just seven countries smaller than winning iTunes worldwide

Jungkook hypes V's upcoming mixtape KTH1

This is actually a big time for ARMY as BTS dropped the major bombshell of a new single that took its place on 21 August. In addition, the boys are working hard on their next album for which Sept has recently completed the shooting of the album jacket photos. But that’s not all! Sharing what his goals are in the half of 2020, V revealed some details to tease his fans about KTH1, which would be the singer’s first ever mixtape.

According to a translation by fellow ARMY member @thetaeprint, Taehung shared how he wants to challenge himself and release his first mixtape. However, the 24-year-old singer has also realized how tough it was for RM, Suga and J-Hope to release their own mixtape. The Bangtan leader remarked that it is not easy to do something alone while Yoongi and Hobi agreed with Namjoon.

Listen to the audio from JiJinJung Radio V Live session

Meanwhile, Taehyung recently extended his record as the first and only solo artist in the world to reach # 1 on the iTunes Top Songs chart in 112 countries with Sweet Night  from the Itaewon class OST. This feat was achieved by TaeTae in just 135 days. In addition, V is just seven countries smaller than winning iTunes worldwide (out of a total of 119 countries). Knowing ARMY, this record can only be set by 2020!

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