Bella Hadid Cut her own hair during her isolation; Spoiler: It’s bangs and they look great


Now that there is no place to be pampered and everyone goes from house to house, one thing has become. Now when everyone is at home either alone or closed with friends or family, ideas often come. Now that the salons have closed, everyone thinks of giving themselves a trim at home at least once.

Well, supermodel Bella Hadid did what we are all doing. He finally took matters into his own hands and cut his hair! And that’s not the case, she gave herself some partial bangs that she made again for a chic look. Although Hadid didn’t take us through the process, showing off what scissors she used or how much she snatched, Bella took to her Instagram stories to share her cool look.

But it seems that Bella went easy with scissors and didn’t trim her bangs too much. She has had side-bangs for some time, so it seems like she trimmed them to keep her eyes from growing and angry.


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While we were considering cutting ourselves, Bella solved it and did it herself! Safe to say, she did a good job and her hair looked phenomenal!
Earlier, Hadid had for some time used an editing tool to make her hair look gray to fool her fans and followers! Apparently, Bella does not shy away from a hair change.

Are you, like Bella, considering cutting your own hair during lockdown? Let us know in the comment section below.

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