Ayushmann Khurrana salutes the determination of front line warriors with a poem

“This is for all the Frontline Warriors — fighting for us, saving us, risking their lives for us and our families against coronavirus,” he tweeted along with the video.

He said, “Have written these words to express my gratitude. I salute you. India salutes you. Jai Hind,”

He begins the poem highlighting the plight of a shop owner, and the people living in buildings that are sealed amid the ongoing coronovirus crisis.

Through the poem, he asserted that the situation is “collective karma of humankind”.

The actor saluted the spirit of working hard to reach people with essential services, health services officers, police and hard working people and worked hard towards making it clean and sanitary environment.

He urged people to honor the frontline warriors, once it was over, “koi kaam chotha nahi hota yeh baat apne paale bandh lena”.

Ayushmann also said that he is a true star as he mentions: “Mujh jaise Bollywood hero hain bas naam ke”. The actor said that he can give money, and help him in the fight, but he is a true fighter.

He ended the video by saying that while the frontline warriors face a fight against this deadly virus and all of us have to stay home.

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