5 zero investment ideas with High Profit


Most of the people has a dream to start a own business. The shortage of money to invest was the main problem to start a business. But countless zero investment business ideas available. In this article we taking about several zero investment business ideas. Zero investment doesn’t mean not to require any investment. Using available resources and personal skills is the only investment instead of money.

Here is the 5 zero investment business ideas.

1. Blogging

Most people believe that blogging is very difficult, but it is not. Even starting a blog is easy and it does not take more than 30 minutes to start and design. There are two ways to open a blog. One by creating free websites on various platforms like Blogger.com. The other is investing less which is on your own domain name, hosting and other essentials for Rs. 3,000. Post what you are passionate about on your blog and make them great articles. It also includes eye catching pictures. Once your blog receives a certain amount of traffic, subscribe to Google AdSense. Google AdSense displays advertisements on your blog. And when someone clicks on these ads, you get some money.

2.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very popular for earning money. This is because many companies are now offering affiliate marketing programs to promote their businesses, like Amazon, Flipkart etc. There are different ways of doing affiliate marketing. You can also do affiliate marketing using your blog, website or social media account. Provide affiliate links where people can click and buy. It is free to join affiliate marketing programs.

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is another excellent business idea with zero investment. Setting up your own dropshipping business online is easy. First, identify the products you want to sell through dropshipping. The next step is to contact suppliers and manufacturers of these products and finalize a deal. The future of this business is very bright. The eCommerce business in India is growing more after 2020 as more people will buy products online. Now you can enter the business.

4. YouTube Channel

Youtube is another great platform to earn money without any investment. YouTube channel is free to create. There is no need to invest any tools to create videos on YouTube. Make excellent videos about what you are passionate about. Upload them to your YouTube channel. Promote these videos using your social media page. Encourage people to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel and share it with others. Monetize your channel in Google AdSense which will pay you for advertisements that people click on while watching your video.

8. Insurance Agency

An insurance agency is another zero investment business idea. You can do this offline. If you can do this then online is better because you can get more customers. First step you should contact some big insurance companies and try to get their agencies. Or you can work for authorized insurance agents of various companies. You can sell insurance plans and collect premiums on behalf of the insurance company and send money online instantly. Your sales and marketing skills will play an important role in convincing people to choose one or more insurance plans. The chances of success in this business are high.

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