5 times the The Pop Singer Ariana Grande stole the show & left the world gasping for air


Ariana Grande the singer, actress and songwriter is 27 years old and when we think of her we can see a picture of her, a tall beautiful woman with her signature high ponytail, oversized sweatshirt, winged eyeliner, and her superlative Manages to steal the show with costumes! So, we are having a small party of our own and look back at the time she stole the show!

We want to debut one of our favorite looks by a pop singer and it truly symbolizes being extra! This Giambattista Valli Grey number has managed to steal hearts like anything else. The puffy number is right above his alley and with his signature ponytail and winged eyeliner, she literally hit the outside of the park!

Ariana Grande fashion 1

Queen of Off-Shoulder Jackets, they have time and again manage to show the world how to pull off a simple and casual jacket and add oomph with her OTT hairstyle and flawless makeup!

Ariana Grande fashion 4
You think a ponytail is casual and does not manage to make a statement on a red carpet but stands by Ariana and will prove the world wrong. This quintessential red number made for a great look and still manages to make a statement.

Ariana Grande fashion 3
Whenever we see a girl with oversized sweatshirts and thigh-high boots, Ariana comes straight to our mind and it would be bad for us not to mention this amazing platinum blond stage that we love!

Ariana Grande fashion 2
Finally, we end our favorite lists with this stunning graceful surprise that she wore in the music video Don’t Call Me an Angel. A slinky diamond choker, fairy wings and toe thigh-high boots made for a great look!

Ariana Grande fashion 5


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