5 reasons why you should include Sabja or basil seeds in your diet


The seeds of Sabja or basil come from the sweet basil, Ocimum basilicium. It contains all the essential nutrients that provide us many health benefits. They are also known as the seeds of tukmaria. They are black seeds that look like sesame or chia seeds. They are a good source of minerals, omega-3 fats and other healthy nutrients.

Sabja seeds do not have a distinct taste, but are often used as a spice in cuisines around the world. The best way to consume them is by soaking them in hot water for 15 minutes. Water causes inflammation in the seeds, releasing antioxidants and beneficial digestive enzymes.

Here are the health benefits of Sabja seed you should know about:

Weight loss

Sabja seeds are full of fibre, which keeps your stomach full longer and prevents unwanted cravings. Additionally, they are rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which helps to stimulate fat-burning metabolism in the body. Take it as a pre-meal snack or mix it in your bowl of yogurt to benefits.

Blood sugar

High fibre content helps slow metabolism and regulates the conversion of carbs to glucose. It is seen as a superfood that helps people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Detox the body

Basil seeds help in regulating smooth bowel movements and relieving constipation and bloating. Drinking a glass of milk with sabja seeds before going to bed helps cleanse the stomach and aid digestion.

Reduces body heat

Drinking drinks with Sabja seeds added to it can cool your body. It is a refreshing drink known to reduce body heat.

Good for skin and hair

Eating these seeds regularly helps in the growth of collagen and helps in fighting damage to the skin or hair. They are also high in vitamin K, protein and iron, which are essential for all healthy hair.


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