5 Hollywood movies to relive your childhood


In this article we are talking about 5 hollywood Movies to relive your childhood and your. Spending time to your family, Since the world is going through a major crisis due to coronavirus right now, we’ve got a list of movies you can watch and that fund with your family. 

1. Frozen:

Fearless Anna joins Kristoff in an epic journey, a hilarious snowman named Olaf in the race to find Anna’s sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trampled the kingdom in eternal winter

2. The Lion King:

The Lion King travels during this journey to the African savanna, where a young prince overcomes betrayal and tragedy to find his rightful place on Pride Rock.

3. Brave:

Merida, an impulsive and strong-minded princess who is determined to make her way in life, defies a practice that brings chaos to her kingdom. Seeing a wish, Merida must trust her bravery and her archery skills to undo an

4. Aladdin:

This live-action retailing of the 1992 classic, Aladdin, features Urchin on a compassionate street, and a power-hungry Grand Vizier vie for a magical lamp that holds the power to make his deepest wishes come true.

5. The Jungle Book: 

Mowgli, a young boy, is brought in as a pack of wolves. When a tiger named Sher Khan threatens to kill him, Bagheera and Baloo help him escape from his clutches

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