5 high sugar foods you should avoid to keep diseases away


Consuming too much sugar is the worst thing for your body. This can lead to a plethora of health problems including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and tooth decay. Whereas sugar is a form of carbohydrate in a wide variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables. This type of sugar does not affect your blood sugar levels because processed food contains excess sugar.

In this article, we are going to look at 5 high-sugar foods that you should avoid to keep your blood sugar levels under control:

Low-fat Yogurt: You can go for low fat yogurt thinking that it is healthy, but this is not completely true. They do not have a lot of fat and flavor, so companies add sugar to make it better. Choosing full fat, natural or Greek yogurt is a better option than eating sugar that is sweeter.

Iced Tea and Flavoured Coffee:   Iced tea and flavored coffee are both popular drinks that have high amounts of sugar, which can be harmful to your health. It is better to drink coffee and tea regularly that does not contain any sugar.

BBQ Sauce : You might think that you don’t count spices when you think too much sugar, right? Okay, think again. 2 tablespoons of BBQ sauce has more than 3 tablespoons of sugar, an extra teaspoon and you can eat more than you need. Read the label to understand how much sugar per serving contributes. You can also go for a healthier option – making your own homemade dip.

Ketchup: Ketchup is one of the most popular spices in the world, but it is loaded with salt and sugar which can be harmful to your health. Regulate your portion size and especially do not eat too much ketchup if you are trying to lose weight.

Packaged Fruit Juice and Soda: Packaged fruit juices are low in fiber, minerals and vitamins. But they contain large amounts of sugar. According to some reports, fruit juice contains as much sugar as soda. It is better to eat whole fruits than Packaged fruit juice.

Conclusion: Consuming foods that contain sugar can cause serious damage to your health. However, it is safe to consume small amounts of these foods. It only hurts if eaten in large quantities. Before buying packaged food or better check the label, try natural methods to control your sugar intake.

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