5 core exercises for a flat stomach to do at home without any equipment


On discovering a flat stomach, you may have trapped the internet many times, but to no avail. You are still filling yourself with all the food items and trying to stay on the couch as much as possible. Just watching videos or reading articles will not help. If you are serious about losing excess weight, then you have to move on. Cut it!
Having a strong core does not mean that you should have a 6-pack. Increasing core strength is important for everyday health and mobility of your body. It strengthens the stomach structures and makes the muscles work more efficiently and effectively. This strengthens and improves the stabilization of the torso and also improves respiratory function. A strong core also places hip and knee injuries on the bay. So, you are working more than the front part of your stomach.

Here the list of 5 core exercises for flat stomach: 

Planks : 

There are a lot of benefits that throws have to offer your body. It not only works on your abdominal muscles, but it also makes your neck, shoulders, chest, glute, quadriceps and back muscles strong.


Sit-ups are traditional core exercises that are simple yet effective. This will improve the appearance of your stomach and overall physique.

Leg Raises:

It helps in losing fat fast by working on the lower and upper abdominal muscles. It also improves flexibility, builds balance and stability, burns calories and reduces the risk of back injuries.

Russian Twists:

It is an exercise that strengthens the core and works on balance, builds stability in your spine and helps you get rid of visceral fat.

Boat Pose:

This is a challenging yet super effective core exercise. It strengthens the abdomen, hip flexors and spine. It also stimulates better kidney and thyroid function. It can help relieve digestive problems and stress.

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