5 Best Part Time Jobs (High Paying $30K – $100K)


COVID-19 caused many Americans to lose their jobs. Many people have great pain in this condition. In this article we are talking about 5 part time jobs to earn some extra money.

Best Part Time Jobs Near You

1. Online Tutor

An online tutor can expect at least $ 50 per hour for teaching other subjects in the America, such as English, math, and science. The higher number of students, the more you earn from this amazing part-time job. As e-learning is becoming popular around the world, online tutor jobs are becoming the best part time jobs.

2. Online Fitness Trainer

Now a days almost everyone is a fitness freak. Medical research clearly indicates that sedentary lifestyle causes many preventable diseases including high cholesterol level, diabetes and many more. However, wealthy families and individuals may not wish to go to the gym for fitness. Instead, they require a personal online fitness trainer. An online fitness trainer can earn at least $ 49 per hour. This is a high-demand part-time job.

3. Content Writer

Content authors create articles, blogposts, and research-based articles for websites and blogs. If you have excellent research and writing skills, try to be a part time content writer. A freelance content writer earns approx $30 to $ 60 per hour. It also depends on the nature of the material and the employer. Typical content writers can get as much as $ 100 an hour of work.

4. Video Editor

A freelance video editor in the US can earn more than $ 70,000 per year, or $ 50 to $ 200 per hour. It depends on your skills and employer. A professional video editor clearly earns more money as a part-time job with larger companies. You can also earn more money as part time video editor for some dubbing in foreign language.

5. Digital Marketer

It is one of the top part-time jobs for making money. Because digital marketers are in high demand across America. A digital marketing manager can make as much as $ 58,000 per year on part-time work. Digital marketers are going to be in great demand worldwide and in the United States.

The Last word

These best part time jobs to make money can get you a really good income. And getting all these jobs is quite easy. You can find them on any reliable and good recruitment portal or websites that specialize in part-time work.

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