5 best online jobs without any experience


Finding a job is not easy, you need experience and skills. In this article I show you some no experience needed jobs list.These jobs usually pay $ 15 per hour. And you want flexible working hours.

1. Content Writer

As a content writer you can write interesting and relevant articles for websites and blogs. You can work on a full-time or contract basis. Bloggers and website owners are looking for content writers worldwide. Therefore, you can easily find these content writer online jobs without any experience.

2. Amazon

Amazon is a largest online store in the world. Amazon hires work-from-home customer service associates across the America. In fact, it has one of the largest numbers of online customer employees in the United States. Look for existing vacancies in customer service on Amazon through their recruitment portal. They also provide amazing hourly wages and benefits.

3. Visa International

Visa is the single largest credit card and debit card issuer in the world. Therefore, they have openings for work-from-home online jobs on short and long term basis. And these are available worldwide. To find one that suits you, see the Visa Global Recruitment Portal.

4. Copywriter

You do not need any experience to take a copywriter’s job. You need creative writing skills. The copywriter writes a short article for the advertisement. workana.com is such a great website that gets a online job without any experience.

5. Walmart

Walmart is the largest chain of superstores in the America, Walmart requires a large number of customer service agents. They offer full-time experience as well as part-time customer service jobs. Visit the Walmart Careers Portal to view customer service jobs or vacancies.

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