5 benefits of Urad Dal or Black Gram for skin and hair


Besides being a food staple, excellent for nutrition and health, Urad dal also works wonders for skin and hair. This kitchen item is full of minerals and nutrients that make the skin soft and supple and the hair dense and shiny. It is not only beneficial when added to your diet, but is also known as an effective skincare and hair care ingredient.

Read on to know the benefits of this black gram for skin and hair.

Exfoliation:  Urad dal makes for an effective skin scrub. It helps in removing dirt and grime from the skin and helps in softening and softening. It helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and lightens many skin colors.

Removes tan: Black gram when applied on the skin, helps in removing the tan caused by the sun. It has glowing properties in the skin which relieves tan when excess water comes out of the sun.

Fights acne: This Dal is also considered to be an excellent pore cleanser. It helps in removing excess oil from the skin and also cures acne. Urad Dal is also found to have natural antiseptic properties that kill the bacteria that causes acne.

Reduces dark spots: Continuous use of Urad Dal on the skin helps in eradicating dark spots, acne scars and other spots. The Black gram also helps in cell regeneration, making it a last resort for younger and glowing skin.

Combats frizzy hair: This Dal is also known to manage dry and brittle hair and to make it soft and manageable. This black dal is very rich in minerals and fatty acids which helps to restore the lost shine of hair. It also gives the hair a shiny look and condition, making it free and manageable.

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